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  • 2 Important Things About Alcohol In Hand Sanitizers - You Should Know

    The market is full of alcohol based hand sanitizers now. When making a purchase, do you just grab the most convenient one? Do you read the labels? Do you know what to look out for? Read here to find the 2 important things you want to note in making the purchase next time round.

  • The secret to getting your money’s worth from eyebrow embroidery

    Some are blessed with full, bold brows. For the rest of us, the formula to perfect brows lies in a combination of skilled brow embroidery and a skin-loving secret.

  • Ingredient list: we decrypt names and debunk myths for you

    Latin, English and scientific names in an ingredient list aren’t the easiest thing to understand. Add myths about fragrances and natural products into the mix, and that's one intense concoction.

  • Confused by beauty product symbols?

    As confusing as they may seem, these beauty product symbols can tell you so much with so little. Today, we’ll decode them for you, so you can stay clear of beauty boo-boos. Here are the 7 labels you should know.

  • Age Gracefully with Full Lashes - 3 types of eyelash serum you can choose from

    Lash care is an often neglected skincare routine although using mascara and going for eyelash extension are common beauty routines. Here, Leanne Ho from @loveforskincare explains how eyelash serums help in each phase of the lash growth cycle and how to make a choice amongst the three available types of eyelash serum. With the inclusion of lash care, we can all age gracefully with full lashes.
  • The Ultimate Anti-Aging Battle: ANTI-LASH-THINNING. Find 7 ways to win the fight!

    Eyelash thinning or balding is an inevitable part of aging. But we can delay the process in various ways. Discover the 7 solutions Leanne Ho from @loveforskincare recommends to slow down the speed or even avoid eyelash thinning, and develop good habits for good lash health!
  • The Best Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover for All Skin Types

    Facial cleansing is a key element in your beauty and skincare regime. To get rid of dirt, dust, and makeup build-up from your face, it is important that you choose the right cleanser for the right purpose so as to have your skin clear and smooth. Here is a guide to 9 types of facial cleansers to help you decide!

  • The long and short of how I fixed my balding eyelashes

    Once upon a time, I was also a strong advocate for eyelash extensions. I simply loved how quick and effective they made my eyes look. That was, until one day when I noticed that my natural lashes were getting shorter and more sparse after removing my extensions, and I need to find a solution fo fix the problem of balding eyelashes.

  • The Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer For Your Hands

    Hand sanitizer has become one of our essentials now. Find your best hand sanitizer that kill germs, smells good and soften hands here. The effective hand sanitizers without the antiseptic aroma, but floral delight!
  • Why Eyelash Serum Is The Best Eye Makeup

    Makeup like eyeliner and mascara are popular tools to define the eyes. For those who prefer something more lasting, eyelash extensions and eyeliner embroidery are options to get a fuss-free solution - or is it?
  • Beauty Breakdown with A: Let’s talk eyelash serums

    Many years ago, when a renowned eyelash growth serum was first launched in Singapore, my eyelash fanatic colleague (who is a regular for eyelash extensions, or would use falsies with mascara) was very excited. She wanted to try it after seeing testimonials of how it had proven to help grow lashes.

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