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Why Eyelash Serum Is The Best Eye Makeup

This article examines the pros and cons of eye makeup solution and eyelash serum being the most important long term solution.

Makeup like eyeliner and mascara are popular tools to define the eyes. For those who prefer something more lasting, eyelash extensions and eyeliner embroidery are options to get a fuss-free solution - or is it?

In our quest for beautifying the windows to our soul, for darker lashlines, for longer and more eyelashes, we do not hesitate to explore the plethora of eye makeup solutions available out there - from eyeliners to mascaras to false eyelashes (even magnetic ones!), to semi-permanent eyeliner embroidery.  All with the hope of making our eyes sparkle, making them look bigger or tapering them to a different shape according to trends. In fact, we love eye makeup so much that the market alone is estimated to be worth USD 21.41 billion by 2025.

The Solution You Never Knew You Needed

Eyelash serum is the solution to your eye goals that you never knew you needed. Eyelash growth serum, whether prescribed, bought over the counter or DIY with a home recipe, can stimulate lash growth with the right amount of vitamins, peptides and antioxidants (the choices discussed here). With consistent application once a day, you can start having thicker, stronger lashes within 12 weeks. It will be the most natural looking and most permanent solution to having thick, luscious lashes on your upper and lower lash lines.

In fact, eyelash serums can complement the effects of your favourite eye makeup solutions.  Let us breakdown how  that is possible:


1. Alternate between eyelash extensions and maintenance

Eyelash extensions work by attaching the false lashes in different lengths and style, to your natural eyelashes. This process is done really simply by lying on a bed while the eyelash artist works his or her magic.  

Eyelash extension is a good instant eye makeup solution but eyelash serum should be use to strengthen the lashes too

We certainly love the immediate wide-eyed effect after a 90min “rest”. The instant beauty delight is so tempting that we keep going back for more. However, did you know that it is recommended to rest our lashes for 1-2 weeks, after having 1 set?

This is because when eyelash extensions are worn continuously without giving your natural lashes a break in between, the eyelash extensions will negatively impact your natural lashes, causing them to become weaker, shorter and sparser. 

This is also known as traction alopecia, when the excessive wearing of eyelash extensions causes additional weight to exert pressure on the natural lashes, pulling a force on the eyelashes and causing them to weaken and fall off.

Therefore, in the long run, the strength and health of your natural lashes would be compromised and you could be left with very few lashes for further extensions. This doesn’t mean you need to give up on your favourite way to vamp up your lashes. Eyelash serum helps you to maintain your lashes on the regular.

Eyelash serums help your hair follicles reach their full potential in terms of strength and length. An eyelash serum like Cangro’s Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer, formulated with peptides, vitamins and antioxidants has proven to promote hair growth and retention. This is a vegan eyelash growth serum that is also free from hormones (no prostaglandins), sulphate, phthalates and petrochemical and palm oil. 

Here’s our recommendation: We recognise that while eyelash extension has some unrivaled merits when it comes to instant gratification, reserve it for special occasions like birthday month celebrations or a getaway. On the regular, maintain your own lashes that are all yours naturally using lash serum.

But, if you are a serious extension “addict”, do remember to give your natural lashes resting periods. And, on a daily basis, fortify the hair follicles with a good eyelash serum so they can hold the weight.


2. Magnetic Lashes for special days and go fuss-free with serum

Perhaps in between your lash extensions, you can substitute with magnetic lashes. This is a new innovation that is gaining traction lately and maybe overshadowing lash extensions.

It is a DIY makeup process where you first draw your lash line with the black magnetic eyeliner, then pick up your desired lashes “stick” it on. Theoretically sounds easy, but it requires skill and time to put on. And, certainly quite tricky for beginners. @ourlashbarsg has an IGTV showing how these magnetic lashes work and how they’re applied.  So, it is an extra 10min if you want to include it in your daily makeup routine. Not including the extra removal time.  

Magnetic eyeliner is a good alternative when eyelash extensions are not used but you need practise to make it perfect

Also, as the lashes come in a row, the effect is also rather dramatic compared to extensions. These magnetic lashes are certainly great for special functions and events. For those who prefer a “no-makeup makeup look” on the daily, you will enjoy using eyelash serum to promote growth of your lashes that will suit your work or casual looks. The bonus? Well-grown lashes complement the effect of magnetic lashes when you are ready to go va-va-voom on special occasions like a date night or corporate function.


3. Condition your lashes for the perfect Lash Lift

If you’re like us who prefer the more natural vibe and want fuss free maintenance yet have a wide-eyed look, lash lift is probably a good choice.

Lash lift is a perm for your natural lashes that shapes them into the eye-opening curl. It’s often paired with a lash tint to darken the lashes so that they stand out more. 1 hour each time. No false eyelashes or harmful adhesives. Once it’s done, it lasts between 6-8 weeks while the tint will fade around 3 weeks. But in the next 24 hours, you need to avoid wearing eye makeup, getting them wet, or taking a super-steamy shower so as to let the lashes totally set.

Lash lift is good if you have longer lashes so you need to grow your lashes with eyelash serum

However, if your natural lashes are short and stumpy, damaged and brittle or thin and sparse then this is not a good option for you. You need to grow your lashes first with a safe and effective eyelash growth serum that feeds your lash lines with vitamins and peptides for healthy lashes to regenerate.

And, even with lash lift treatments, it is also recommended to condition your lashes with lash serum consistently so as to keep them growing longer, for your next lash lift. 


4. Be aware of the dangers of mascara

Mascara is another staple in almost every woman’s makeup kit. However, various doctors have warned of the negative effects of using mascara that not many people are aware of. In a research done by the College of Optometrists, over 50% of mascara users do not read the instructions to see the recommended length of time they should keep their mascara on for, and almost 20% revealing that they weren’t aware that mascara has an expiry date. 

Light mascara works well with naturally long and strong eyelashes that you grow with eyelash growth serum

Dr Alexis Granite, the consulting dermatologist for Kiehl’s Since 1851, mentioned that constantly using mascara can result in infection or inflammation, as well as loss of eyelashes. Even for long fibre mascaras, they are very thin and tend to flake off easily, which means these fibres can easily invade your eye and cause irritation. Fibre mascaras and contact lenses are not a good combination, as there is a risk of eye infection if these fibres come into contact with your lenses. Fibre mascara should also be reserved for special occasions or avoided altogether. 

While mascara is a great short-term solution to have thicker-looking eyelashes, solving the root of the problem seems to be a much safer option. Grow your eyelashes with an eyelash serum that stimulates, strengthens, and conditions the lash follicles. 


5. Eyelash serum vs. Eyeliner Embroidery 

Eyeliner embroidery is another alternative for those who wish to see long lasting results. It is a semi-permanent makeup procedure where the aesthetician darkens the lash line by layering pigments into the skin.

A good procedure would leave you with a thicker lash line that instantly defines the eyes. However, eyeliner embroidery cost an average of $800-$1000 per package, a relatively high initial output. The downtime is 7-10 days where you need to refrain from eye makeup, swimming and eyelash extensions. Most people would experience swelling between 2-24 hours.

Semi-permanent eyeliner complements long dark lashes well as it defines the eye

Eyelash growth serum is significantly cheaper than embroidery. Take Long Lashes eyelash enhancer for example, it is S$89 per 3.5ml bottle and will last an average of 3-4 months with daily use. It is proven to work in little as 4 to 8 weeks, with full results seen around 12 weeks. For maintenance after 12 weeks, you only have to use it once every other day, meaning the second bottle will last you a l-o-n-g time. Lush lashes have the effect of lining your eyes naturally too.

If you want the best of both worlds, complement your eyeliner embroidery with lash serum.

Eyelash serum is your best eye makeup

All in all, eyelash serum emerges as the champion of “eye makeup”, whether to be used alone, or to complement other makeup solutions. It is also the best way help us age gracefully with full lashes, without bald lashes issue, as explained here.

Not only is it a more permanent solution that gives your eyelashes a natural way to glow-up, it is also a safer and healthier option, pocket-friendly and less time-consuming since it works into your usual skin-care routine in less than a minute. 

With that being said, eyelash serum should be chosen carefully and those with “nasties” should be avoided. 


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