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The secret to getting your money’s worth from eyebrow embroidery

The secret to getting your money's worth from eyebrow embroidery

Some are blessed with full, bold brows. For the rest of us, the secret to perfect brows lies in a combination of skilled brow embroidery and a skin-loving secret.

Suppose you’re forking out money for an eyebrow embroidery package. You’d want the results to last as long as possible without compromising on quality. While results last 12 – 18 months with touch-up sessions, brow serums can extend your brow game by enhancing hair growth. When combined, you can expect your perfect brows to last for years!

Eyebrow embroidery?

Eyebrow Embroidery is the technique where the brow artist implants colour pigment beneath the surface of the skin with tiny disposable needles or blades, with the purpose of creating fuller-looking brows customised to individual face shape.

Before you take the plunge and sign up for a thousand-dollar package, make sure to choose a professional brow artist. They are trained on eyebrow artistry to design eyebrows based on your face shape while enhancing your facial features. Additionally, they attend courses on sanitisation, so you can enjoy a safe while they adhere to strict hygiene standards.

Post embroidery care

Typically, you'll receive a post-care kit containing a soothing cream to use for the next 7-10 days. Don't forget to use it diligently, as you'll experience some scabbing and itchiness as the skin heals.

During your eyebrow embroidery session, your brow artist will exfoliate the area around and your actual brow area. This step helps to prep the skin for maximum pigment absorption and retention. Just like how it’s best to scrub your skin before applying any body lotion!

At this point, you’ve finished your soothing cream after 10 days and here comes the booster you never knew you needed: brow-growth serum.

Looking beyond your after-care kit

This may come as a surprise, but you can and should use a growth booster! And the benefits are multi-fold. 

The pigment can be retained better with more lush eyebrows, than have just pigment on hairless skin. Eyebrow embroidery may end up looking 2D from certain angles. Adding a brow serum to your daily routine can give you more natural brow hairs in the long-run, resulting in more natural-looking 3D brows. Furthermore, a gentle brow serum can soothe and moisturise your skin too.

more brow hair growth after using Bold Brows Eyebrow Enhancer

The perfect brow serum

It’s a tall order, but the perfect brow serum has two jobs: gentle and effective formula and boosts hair growth. With dead skin gone, your skin is ready to absorb all the goodness you provide and welcome budding new hairs.

Now that your skin has received a shock, brow serums calm it down for beautifuller days. Look out for vitamin and peptide-rich formulas for healthy brow regrowth. One great example of a skin-loving brow serum is CanGro’s Bold Brows. Bonus: this vegan serum is made without nasties! CanGro also developed Long Lashes, a lash booster well-liked by its loyal fans.

Check out Expat Living’s review on both CanGro’s Long Lash and Bold Brows for first-timers’ experience.

If you need tips to understand the ingredient list behind your fave beauty counter items, check out this blog post.

Not up for eyebrow embroidery?

If you’re skipping embroidery for various reasons (such as sensitive skin, pricey packages, worry of PAIN 😱 or medications such as blood thinning Wafarin), then make an eyebrow serum your beauty staple!

Having healthy brow growth can help you achieve that I-woke-up-like-this look so effortlessly. I mean, there’s little to no precision when it comes to application! (I can take 10min drawing and end up with perfectly uneven brows. Real talent, I know.)

Here’s how you can step up your natural brow game

  • Exfoliate: Like the rest of your face and body, your brows do need some TLC too. All you have to do is wash the surrounding area daily with your cleansing brush or exfoliate your brows weekly with a facial scrub for 3-5sec. Now, you’ll have a fresh foundation to work with.
  • Apply: On your clean, product-free skin, apply Bold Brows twice daily. Massage it in down to the roots gently with the brush, by going against the direction of hair growth.
  • Trim: Just like plants, trimming your brows regularly helps it to grow thicker.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of brow, go forth and flaunt them!

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