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WOMAN ESSENTIALS – science-backed feminine care

Woman Essentials, made in France, backed by science

Quality personal feminine products made by women, for women.

Madina Karsybayeva, a cosmetic industry expert with over 10 years of experience in numerous French MNCs and Lily Mijouin, a PhD research with a passion for skin microbiology, developed Made-in-France Woman Essentials.

This powerful duo embarked on a journey with the French National Centre for Scientific Research. The results? The science-backed range for feminine care products. Effective and soothing balms, mists, gentle washes, and brightening moisturizers for women's intimate areas.

Going beyond intimate hygiene, Woman Essentials delves into the mystic realm of intimate beauty and care. These goodies were made with women’s wellness in mind by addressing issues like skin sensitivity or healing from post-hair removal, in the intimate zones.

Quality care even for the most intimate areas

Skincare is a well-established topic; everyone likely has more than a few skincare products. Yet so little is available out there to care specifically for the intimate areas for half of the world’s population.

With every girl maturing to a young woman, we experience the first signs of physical maturity in our teenage years. As we grow other aspects of our lives, we face changes in our bodies that affect our intimate areas too. We delve into our later years, where hormonal fluctuations bring on changes more than we know.

Our bodies change ever so often due to both internal and external factors. We may end up feeling lost without solutions to address more than just a seemingly simple pH level.

It’s time we explore how we define essentials for women.

Woman Essentials range of intimate care, feminine care

Intimate Care, Well-being and Beauty

Going into the realm of exploring and understanding what our bodies need begins with intimate hygiene. We need cold hard facts to stay clean while keeping conditions like Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) at bay.

The second category of intimate well-being transcends into physical pleasures and satisfaction. By using the right products, personal enjoyment can be heightened safely.

Intimate beauty is the most personal form of self-care. The beautification of an intimate area stems from the desire to pamper, soothe or even heal the delicate secret garden.

Monthly discomforts may be unpreventable, but Woman Essentials can make these affairs more pleasing, soothing, and healing.

Form beyond Function

With powerful combinations of orchid extract and considered formulations, the Woman Essentials range brings form beyond function.

In the region’s hot and humid weather our nether regions may suffer. Pairing a 24-hour antimicrobial intimate wash and a quality deodorizing mist is a winning duo for supple and fresh skin.

A skin conditioning balm can soothe the pains of any hair removal process. With healing properties proven more effective than Vitamin C, the skin will be silky and rejuvenated.

The secret ingredient

Selected for its regenerative property, the purple orchid and its extracts form the heart of Woman Essentials. Found naturally in fruits and vegetables, polyphenols are known for their numerous benefits including lowering blood sugar levels, prevent blood clots, promote healthy digestion and more. In the realm of beauty, polyphenols can provide protection against UV and prevent skin disorders, in addition to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Polyphenols of the timeless purple orchids give us the goodness we love includes anti-ageing, repairing and anti-inflammatory. Harness the power of polyphenols with Woman Essentials and give our intimate region the gentle care it deserves.

To start cultivating your secret garden, explore the full range of French personal care must-haves here. Or, download the full product brochure here.

The entire range is powered by expertise. Backed by science. Pregnancy safe!

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