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Choosing your perfect eyebrow embroidery artist

Choosing your perfect eyebrow embroidery artist

Want to wake up with perfect on-point brows but don't know what to look for in an eyebrow embroidery artist? Here are a few tips from Team Beauty Closet!

Taking the plunge to have semi-permanent eyebrows requires more than just an appointment. After all, if the end product is beautiful, all is well. But… if the reverse happens, fixing this disaster is likely possible but may prove difficult!

Seniority vs passionate

If you have to choose between

  1. A junior brow artist with passion, or
  2. A master artist with experience?

Chances are most of us will go for B. Why?

When choosing master artists, there's usually a long waiting time, on top of the premium rates they command. Despite these conditions, many still choose experience in hopes of having a better experience. But sometimes, looking past seniority can give you the same quality of eyebrow embroidery.

 All eyebrow embroidery artists are trained and certified. What may differ between master and junior artists? Speed. They may take twice as long, but eyebrow embroidery isn’t exactly something to rush.

 Of course, if you do find an experienced and passionate artist, you’ve hit the jackpot!

The art and science of eyebrow embroidery

With the word "art" in their job title, there's no denying the art behind sculpting on-fleek brows. And this is one of those things, you either have it, or you don't. For me, I can’t paint to save my life!

And there's no better way to discover their artistic direction than looking through brow artists' portfolios and reviews. This shows you the end results for previous customers, so you can assure of their work.

With numerous beauty academy schools in Singapore, aspiring brow artists can be easily certified. Eyebrow mastery, on the other hand, requires more than just paper qualifications. Your brow artist is trained in the area of science, but what about looking for their artistic eye?

What matters when it comes to ANY brow artists is their portfolio and reviews. Of course, their personal presentation will show you plenty, literally. Tell-tale signs you can look out for includes their appearance, from their hair and makeup is to their dressing.

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene

Other than evaluating your potential eyebrow embroidery artist, a crucial factor is the studio! How well-maintained their working environment speaks volume about their hygiene levels and professionalism.

If you can, request a tour of the studio and even ask to use the bathroom. This may seem extreme but catching a glimpse into the back-of-the-house offers insights we may not see easily. When it comes to personal hygiene, let’s not compromise and risk any infections which may have long-term effects.

Homework for everyone

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of preferred studio and artists, the final test is knowledge-based.

 We’ve listed down some questions you can ask your shortlisted artists.

  • What’s the process like?

Beyond just holding a needle to your brows, there's more than meets the eye. No two brows are the same. Find out how your artist designs the ideal brows to fit your face shape, skin tone and even hair colour.

  • Am I suitable for microblading?

If your brow artist says eyebrow embroidery is for everyone, this is an absolute no-no! Based on your skin or health conditions, you may not be suitable. Oily skin tends to cause strokes to blur, giving off unwanted solid effect instead of feathered look. Sensitive skin tends to bleed and hence not suitable.

Skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and dermatitis, your is constantly flaking, itching and won’t hold the pigment strokes well. Microshading would be a better choice.

Expecting mothers are advised to proceed only after delivery preferably. Persons with autoimmune diseases must refrain from choosing microblading altogether. In case of doubt, be safe, seek medical advice from a doctor.

  • Before or aftercare?

Since you'll be going for "surgery", alcohol consumption is not recommended at least 24 hours before your procedure. Avoid fish oil, Vitamin C, E and flaxseed oil supplements, which thin your blood and cause excessive scabbing. Refrain from any harsh treatments such as skin peeling procedures or tanning 10 days before and after eyebrow embroidery.

  • Why aren’t my brows the same colour as the ones shown in your portfolio?

At your first appointment, your brows will be at their darkest. Over the next few weeks, the colour will settle. Everyone’s bodies will metabolise the pigments differently, resulting in slightly different shades. Your ideal brow artist should arrange your follow-up visits for touch up.

  • How do I maintain my brows?

Your new brows still require TLC to keep them in tip-top condition. After-care is the crux! Salons typically provide an aftercare cream to help with skin healing.

*Pro-tip: Investing in a quality brow serum can help healthy brow growth keep your brows looking natural. ExpatLiving loves CanGro’s Bold Brows! 

Certified pigment

This is when certification *really* matters. The pigment will be embedded in your skin for a few years, so take the time to understand the ingredients, processes and paperwork.

Here’s our list of recommendations

  • Plant extracts and mineral pigments compliant with country standards (e.g. EU, Taiwan SGS or Korea Certification (KC)). – DON’T BE SHY TO ASK TO SEE THE LABELS OR CERTS!
  • Nano-molecule technology for easier penetration into the skin
  • Contains titanium dioxide, a key ingredient in sunscreens, to prevent discolouration caused by UV exposure
  • No heavy-metal content
  • A spectrum of warm and cold pigments allow tailor-made colours to match your skin tone perfectly

Choosing your ideal eyebrow embroidery artist is definitely more than meets the eye. While certification matters when it comes to pigments, the other soft factors for your artist and studio matter too.

The list of tips is possibly endless since new technologies allow endless options too. There are no hard-and-fast rules, but we hope this blog post helps you in your search for better brow days.

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