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  • 2 Important Things About Alcohol In Hand Sanitizers - You Should Know

    The market is full of alcohol based hand sanitizers now. When making a purchase, do you just grab the most convenient one? Do you read the labels? Do you know what to look out for? Read here to find the 2 important things you want to note in making the purchase next time round.

  • Why Eyelash Serum Is The Best Eye Makeup

    Makeup like eyeliner and mascara are popular tools to define the eyes. For those who prefer something more lasting, eyelash extensions and eyeliner embroidery are options to get a fuss-free solution - or is it?
  • Beauty Breakdown with A: Let’s talk eyelash serums

    Many years ago, when a renowned eyelash growth serum was first launched in Singapore, my eyelash fanatic colleague (who is a regular for eyelash extensions, or would use falsies with mascara) was very excited. She wanted to try it after seeing testimonials of how it had proven to help grow lashes. But.... 

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