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The Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer For Your Hands

This article introduces the best alcohol based hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become one of our essentials since the Covid-19 pandemic started.


Alcohol based sanitizers of all sorts sprouted in the market and became one of the most sought-after items overnight! However, not all sanitizers are made equal. In April 2021, the Health Science Authority (HSA) has recalled 14 brands of hand sanitizers that contains acetaldehyde and/or methanol that exceeds the pharmaceutical pharmacopoeia limit.


For the safety of our loved ones and the benefit of our hands, it is important for us to know what is in our alcohol hand sanitizers and to make the most informed choice. We’ve shared the two things you really need to know:


  • Formulated with purer forms of ethanol or isopropanol


  • Contains 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol enhanced with moisturizing ingredients


Today, we introduce to you Lilaroze’s pocket hand sanitizers. Let us share why #TeamBeautyCloset decided to bring them in. 

Important attributes of Lilaroze Hand Sanitizers


Organic wheat is fermented and distilled into organic wheat alcohol



Lilaroze’s hand sanitizers use pure ethanol that is produced via fermentation and distillation process of organic wheat. Good enough to be in your vodka and gin!

You can be sure that what you rub on hands is pure and safe.



Gin and tonic are also from wheat alcohol



The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  recommends 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol and not more the merrier as the alcohol at higher concentration evaporates faster before it can take effect in your hands, and will be overly drying too.



Glycerin is added to Lilaroze hand sanitizer for moisturizing effect



 As alcohol causes drying. It is recommended they are compounded with moisturizing ingredients to enhance your comfort. Hence, glycerin is added into the Lilaroze’s pocket hand sanitizers so that they do not dry out their hands. At the same time, this allows the alcohol to linger on your hands to take full sanitizing effect.



Fragrance in the hand sanitizers come from organic orgin



 As we know, the strong alcohol antiseptic scent can be rather sharp for our noses. Lilaroze’s alcohol hand sanitizers are added with parfum (fragrance) for a more delightful experience.

Synthetic fragrance? Fret not! 

The fragrance stems from organic origin and is used to achieve a more refreshing scent which is more intense than what can be formulated from the floral extracts alone.



30ml pocket hand sanitizer makes them convenient



While washing hands with soap is still the no.1 way to kill and remove bacteria and viruses, having a handy pocket hand sanitizer is your next best option. 

Lilaroze’s hand sanitizers are conveniently packed in 30ml premium plastic bottles that can be easily slipped into any bags.

Enclosed with tip-top caps, they can be conveniently opened with a push of your thumb.

Easy for quick cleansing anytime, anywhere!


The 2 premium hand sanitizers

Knowing the benefits of Lilaroze’s moisturizing hand sanitizers, you can safely make one of your choices here depending on which scent delights you! 


organic rose hand sanitizerorganic orange blossom hand sanitizer

Organic Rose Hand Sanitizer
delicately scented like roses on a beautiful Spring morning

Organic Orange Blossom Hand Sanitizer
fresh radiant scent with mix of floral and green



    Lilaroze’s mini hand sanitizers are formulated with 60% pure ethanol, 31% purified water and  9% of gylcerin and organic fragrance. 

    They kill germs, smell good and soften skin. 

    You will have a comfortable, safe and effective cleansing anytime, anywhere!


    Do you think you the attributes of Lilaroze hand sanitizers make them a better hand sanitizer option for you?

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