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Frankincense Face Cleanser from Oman
Frankincense Face Cleanser from Oman
100% natural Frankincense face cleanser
Micro-buffing granules polish off the dull skin cells to reveal soft skin glow
massage applicator massage the face for better circulation
Frankincense Face Cleanser

Luban Oman

Frankincense Face Cleanser



Natural cleansing for soft skin glow

This natural Frankincense cleanser gently sloughs the superficial layer of dead skin cells and impurities with micro-buffing granules to reveal the soft inner skin glow. 

Formulated with moisturising and skin-calming extracts like Aloe Vera, Camellia leaves,  Chamomile flowers etc, this skin-loving cleanser leaves your skin well-polished, yet without uncomfortable tightness.

For enhancing blood circulation, you can use the innovative massage applicator in gentle circular motion while cleansing.

100% natural ingredients including Sacred Frankincense.

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, mature skin.

Frankincense Sacra- the finest of all Frankincense


Formulated with a host of skin-loving natural goodness, this Frankincense cleanser provides the deep cleansing you need everyday to keep the skin clean with smooth healthy glow, without stripping off the essential moisture barrier.


Fixed with the massage applicator, you can enhance the blood circulation with gentle circular motion, while cleansing and exfoliating at the same time. With a well-polished canvas, you prepare your skin for maximum penetration of serums that follows, reaping the best benefits from your daily skincare regime.

✔️ 100% Natural ✔️ No Synthetic Fragrances ✔️ No Colours ✔️ No Parabens 

How to Use

Turn anti-clockwise to unlock. Squeeze the tube gently for small amount of cleanser.
Cleanse using finger tips or using the massage applicator (on damp skin) in circular motion.
Rinse thoroughly with water and follow with Luban Frankincense face oil.

Highly recommended for every evening, to deeply remove daily impurities. 

Always lock the tube after squeezing out the cleanser, to prevent backflow especially when using the massage applicator


Besides having a deep skin-soothing cleanse, the scent of Frankincense also leaves the mind and body calm.

About Luban

From nature to the world
Luban Oman, established in 2015, is one of the world’s leading distributor of Frankincense oil. Our mission is to share the riches of this gift from nature with everyone.To harness the therapeutic effects of Frankincense, we’ve curated a neat range of products using 100% Pure Omani Frankincense oil, the finest grade of Frankincense, so that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of Frankincense with ease.


Luban Oman

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