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Bulgarian Rose Moisture Hydrosol (Mist) 100ml
Bulgarian Rose Moisture Hydrosol (Mist) 100ml
Bulgarian Rose Moisture Hydrosol (Mist) 100ml
Bulgarian Rose Moisture Hydrosol (Mist) 100ml
Bulgarian Rose Moisture Hydrosol (Mist) 100ml
Bulgarian Rose Moisture Hydrosol (Mist) 100ml
Bulgarian Rose Moisture Hydrosol (Mist) 100ml
Bulgarian Rose Moisture Hydrosol (Mist) 100ml

A Walk In The Garden

Bulgarian Rose Moisture Hydrosol (Mist) 100ml



100% pure floral water from Bulgarian Rose petals.

Known as ‘hydrosol’, this is the water that’s collected when rose petals are distilled to produce essential oil.  Rose Otto hydrosol contains skin-beneficial minerals and has valuable aromatherapeutic benefits, similar to Rose Otto essential oil.

Just like the Bulgarian Roses, this hydrosol has a luxurious aroma that smells light, floral, and faintly sweet. It is also known to soothe and calm sensitive, irritated skin due to its hydrating, anti-inflammatory, cooling, and soothing properties. 

It can be used as a face and body hydration mist on-the-go, toner for sensitive skin, and cold compress for calming irritated skin & tired eyes. 

🌱 100% pure & natural. No alcohol. No added fragrance or preservative. Suited for all skin types, especially dry, mature, and sensitive skin. 🤰🏻Safe for pregnant moms and babies.

🌹Smell of hydrosol may vary due to different seasons of harvest.

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Small batch farm production
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Why is hydrosol precious?

Rose hydrosols are made by distillation. Water vapour moves through the tons of rose petals (during production of the essential oil), picking up some of the oils along the way. When the is the vapour is cooled, the condensation is the Rose hydrosol.

Hence, the Rose hydrosol maintains the essence of the plant in every drop, with the valuable aromatherapeutic benefits. 

Rose hydrosol is the purest form of rose water. Unlike infused water, distilled water is scented with essential oils.


Bulgarian Rose Petals (Rosa Damascena Flower)
✔️ 100% Natural ✔️ No Alcohol ✔️ No Fragrances ✔️ No Parabens 

How to Use

Instant skin hydration:
Spritz across face and neck and gently pat dry. Can be use even over make-up. Wonderful after exercise and in-flight.
Toner for Sensitive Skin:
Being soothing and anti-inflammatory, this 100% natural hydrosol is especially suited as a skin balancing toner for highly delicate skin, with zero-chemical tolerance.
Cold compress for sunburn & sensitive skin or tired eyes:
Soak cotton pads with chilled hydrosol and place over redden, irritated skin or tired eyes. Remove after 15min and repeat if desired.
Relief heavy headache:
Mist chilled hydrosol onto the scalp and massage gently for a quick relief of tension.
Soothe diaper rash:
Wet cotton pads with the soothing hydrosol and swipe over baby’s bottom. Follow with diaper rash cream.

Why We Like It

The faintly sweet floral aroma is definitely uplifting and delightful! Highly versatile for every need and everyone.

About A Walk In The Garden

Small batch farm production from the English garden
This brand is a testament to the founder’s lifelong love for the English garden and her passion for creating natural, useful products that truly make a difference in people's lives. From her childhood wanderings through the garden to her innovative use of its flowers and herbs in her essential oils, every aspect of her brand is rooted in a deep appreciation for the beauty and usefulness of nature.


A Walk In The Garden

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