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Brand Manifesto

Intimate beauty:
the art of cultivating her secret garden

A woman’s intimacy is like a garden:
a unique and fragile ecosystem made of skin, mucosa and hair follicles.

WOMAN ESSENTIALS is the 1st cosmetic brand with a global approach to women's intimate life in all its dimensions. The essentials are designed to help women feel beautiful and enjoy a moment of pleasure and well-being every day. Because her ultimate luxury is all about taking care of what's hidden.

Cutting-Edge Research & Development

Partnering France's National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
Creating high-performance intimate care essentials

CNRS was ranked world No.1 Scientific Institution for 2014-2019 (ahead of Harvard University). Partnering the experts, WOMAN ESSENTIALS conducted in-depth studies of the feminine physiology, while addressing gynecological issues, aesthetic concerns and women’s daily quality of life.

WOMAN ESSENTIALS is tested by dermatologists and gynecologists using strict clinical protocols. Deploying unique know-how in human tissue engineering, all products are tested in vitro on 3D models of vulvar & vaginal epithelium.

The formulations use exclusive ingredients from all over the world, underwent hundreds of trials, so as to create high-performance feminine essentials for delicate areas with stringent tolerance and sensual textures.

Cruelty Free | Ethical Sourcing | Sustainable Packaging | 98%-100% | Natural Ingredients | Compatible with Medical or Cosmetic Procedures | 100% Made in France

Why Woman Essentials?

Because a woman's intimacy deserves as much attention as her face

WOMAN ESSENTIALS is the 1st French gynaceutical brand that pays careful attention to the cosmetic quality and texture of intimate products while addressing gynaecological issues, aesthetic concerns and women’s quality of life, every day.

Its guiding principle is a guilt-free, hedonistic approach that makes the quest for beauty and pleasure accessible to each and every woman. These products facilitate a woman’s everyday life and introduce a new way of caring for feminine intimacy.

Featuring refined textures, rare and precious natural ingredients and delicate fragrances, these products has been designed to turn this highly intimate moment into an instant of true well-being.

The Most Beautiful Flower For Her Secret Garden

Bio-Regenerative Purple Orchid

WOMAN ESSENTIALS has selected Bio-Regenerative Purple Orchid with its exceptional repairing powers for its products. This mysterious flower can flourish in the most extreme conditions and this incredible resistance gives it exceptional regenerative powers.

At the heart of its tissues, unique polyphenols that suppress the enzymes which cause deterioration of the cell matrix and its essential components (collagen, elastin, etc.) have been discovered. These polyphenols give the Bio-Regenerative Orchid its soothing, repairing, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

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