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The Best Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover for All Skin Types

This article examines the best makeup remover and best facial cleanser suited for you

At the end of a tiresome day, removing makeup seems like a never-ending task. But it doesn't have to be so tedious! All you have to do is pick the right facial cleanser, and you are sorted for life. The right cleanser will clean up the remains of a busy day from your face and will restore your natural beauty. 

Without a doubt, cleansing is a key element in your beauty and skincare regime. To get rid of dirt, dust, and makeup build-up from your face, your best bet is to choose a high-quality facial cleanser. You will come across multiple of them in the market, and all of them will help you out in wiping off the traces of leftover makeup, leaving your skin clear and smooth. 

However, not all products are the same. If you're on the lookout for the best facial cleanser for your skin type, we are here to guide you. We have listed down the different types of makeup removers and cleansing products available out there, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your skin type, you can choose a product that suits you the best! 

What Are The Different Types of Cleansers? 


Cleansing milk is one of the best facial cleanser for sensitive skin

1. Cleansing Milk

This is the most common type of cleanser that has a great reputation for being gentle. Cleansing milk helps in removing the day’s dirt and grime accumulated for the day, including make up too, without requiring water. 

Cleansing milk does not contain harsh chemicals or soaps that can irritate sensitive and dry skin types. They usually contain natural soothing ingredients. 

However, if you suffer from acne or oily skin, then this product might not be the best for you in terms of fighting bacteria causing acne as it is designed not to cleanse as deeply.

You should also note that cleansing your skin of your cleanser itself is pertinent to the effectiveness of your cleansing routine. Cleansing milk requires you to remove it thoroughly with a cloth or cotton pads and wash off with water. This is not great news for those of you who prefer convenience!


  • Works well for dry and sensitive skin 
  • Removes dirt, grime and makeup 


  • Proper removal of milk is required with cotton pads, washcloth or another cleanser
  • Not the best option for oily or acne-prone skin



    Cleansing oil is one of the best makeup remover for all skin types

    2. Cleansing Oil 

    Oil cleansers have revived their lost glory in recent times, thanks to their ability to effectively remove waterproof makeup and pore-clogging debris from the face, without stripping the skin off its natural oils. 

    When using cleansing oil, proper removal of the oil is crucial. It is most recommended to gently wipe away any excess oil with warm, damp washcloth. Most beauty brands tend to recommend double cleansing with another gel, cream, powder cleanser.


    • Suits most skin types including both dry and oily skin 
    • Keeps the skin smooth and hydrated
    • Able to remove waterproof makeup


    • More time consuming and troublesome in terms of removing the oil
    • Second cleanse with another cleanser may cause dryness and counteract the advantage of using the cleansing oil


      Cleansing wipe is one of the most convenient makeup remover

      3. Cleansing Wipe

      Wipes come handy for those lazy days when your body doesn't feel like putting in any extra effort for cleaning up your face. However, you should be careful before choosing a product, as in most cases, they contain harsh chemicals that are not so skin-friendly. Never use it as your only step for cleansing - you will risk clogged pores over time as the cleanse is not as thorough as you might be led to believe.


      • Quick, on-the-go solution 
      • Removes oil build-up and makeup without water or any facial wash


      • Isn't as effective as other cleansers
      • Formulas tend to be harsh


      Cleansing gel is one of the best facial cleanser for oily skin

      4. Gel Cleanser

      Gel cleansers take on a gel consistency that is able to deeply cleanse your skin yet not clogging on the skin. Thanks to their unique formula, they remove dirt, excess oil from your skin and acne-causing bacteria. It is common for formulas to  include salicylic acid and tea tree oil for added exfoliating and antiseptic benefits, mainly targeting acne-prone skin. 


      • Provides deep cleansing 
      • Suitable for oily and combination skin 
      • Unclogs pores and removes acne causing bacteria


      • May cause irritation due to dryness

      Cleansing cream is one of the best makeup remover and facial cleanser for dry, sensitive and mature skin

      5. Cream Cleanser or Cleansing Balm

      These are usually thick, creamy cleansers that are gentle on your skin. Some brands have formulated it to feel like lip balm that “melts” upon contact with your skin. Thanks to its rich, smooth formula, your skin can be moisturised even as you wash your face. This is suitable for those with very dry skin or use in winter.


      • Gentle on skin 
      • Moisturizing
      • Works well for dry, sensitive or mature skin 


      • Not appropriate for oily skin 


      Cleansing foam is one of the best facial cleanser for oily and combination skin

      6. Foam Cleanser

      This is one of the most popular forms of cleanser in the market! If you love the skin cleaning agents that produce a good amount of lather as you apply it, foam cleansers can be a great option. Some formulas usually start out as cream or gel and burst into a foamy lather as you mix with some water. There are other popular ones which come in the form of “bouncy”, thick foam that is lathered for you.

      Many people used to think that they would want their foam cleanser to give them a “squeaky clean” feeling after washing but that is usually an indication of a harsh facial wash which can cause dryness overtime.


      • Removes dirt, oil, and signs of pollution
      • Suits oily and combination skin types 


      • Tendency to cause uncomfortable tightness  
      • Too harsh for sensitive skin


      Cleansing powder provides gentle exfoliation while cleansing. Is not good makeup remover but is a good facial cleanser

      7. Powder Cleanser

      Powder cleansers are the new kids on the block, and they have already amassed huge growing popularity. They contain ingredients like rice starch which act as gentle exfoliants as you cleanse.

      Application is pretty easy – you dissolve the powder with water and apply the light foam, just like you will with foam cleansers.


      • Provides gentle exfoliation while cleansing 
      • Suitable for oily and combination skin 


      • Not for makeup remover
      • May make your skin feel dry or tight


      Cleansing bar soap is not the best facial cleanser as it tends to cause dryness

      8. Bar Cleanser

      They have been around since time immemorial. But owing to the modern additions to the skincare range, bar cleansers have lost their charm. There is a slight resurgence for those who like eco-friendly skincare. It has a bonus of being an economical way of cleaning your face, but it's definitely not the most convenient solution available out there.  

      Although many bar soaps now have gentler formulations than they used to, the binders that hold soap in a bar shape form remains. These binders naturally have a higher pH than your skin, which causes your skin to go into an alkaline state, resulting in dryness.


      • Usually inexpensive compared to other cleansers 
      • Suits oils and combination skin 


      • Good ventilated storage required to prevent disintegration and cross contamination
      • Tendency for skin to feels tight after wash 


      Micellar water can be considered the best 2-in-1 facial cleanser and makeup remover as it is convenient and suit all skin types

      9. Micellar Cleanser, or Micellar Water

      Last but not least, we have that one product that does all the work pretty effortlessly, without causing your skin to breakout, or ripping it off its natural oils. 

      Micellar cleansers feature “micelles” or tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water that attract oil, dirt and makeup. They are mild and gentle, and they remove oil build-up from your face without causing any hassle. 

      You can simply pour onto cotton pads and cleanse with ease anywhere, without water. Those who care about eco-friendliness can use reusable cotton pad for this effective cleansing method.


      • Offers a good clean up, leaving the skin soft, hydrated, and moisturized 
      • You can switch your double-cleansing regime by substituting with one micellar cleanser 
      • Works well for correcting make-up, in case you mess it up 


      • Doesn't work on waterproof make-up 


      Now that you know all about the different types of cleansers, you must be wondering which one works the best. 


      If we are to recommend one cleanser that will make your life a little easier, it has to be the Lilaroze Organic Rose Micellar Water. It's definitely a good option available in Singapore for you! Enriched with the goodness of rose extracts, this natural cleanser rejuvenates your skin as you wipe away your makeup or dirt and pollution from being out all day. Free from harmful elements such as parabens, sulfate, and mineral oils, this delicate product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

      Get yours here

      For beauty buddies out there with dry to combination skin, you can use cleansing water in the morning, to begin the day on a fresh note - the alluring rose scent is such a perk-me-up in the morning! After a long day at work, when it's time to bare the skin at home, you can reach out for this wonderful product for a mild cleansing experience. However, you have to keep in mind that micellar water cannot remove waterproof make-up, as the solution is designed to be gentle. In that case, you may opt for a waterproof make-up remover for your eyeliner to complete the cleansing.


      Final Note

      On a final note, there cannot be a single magical solution that works equally well for everyone. When it comes to choosing the best cleanser or best makeup remover, there is no single clear-cut answer. The 'best facial cleanser' that makes your best friend's skin glow, may not be the ideal one for you. The right product depends on your skin type and the kind of makeup you put on, on a daily basis.

      Need recommendations on cleansers for you? Got questions on the efficacy of your cleanser? Let’s chat, email us at hello@beautycloset

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