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Psychodermatology – Creating a Home Spa experience

Psychodermatology – Creating a Home Spa experience

The science of home spas

Psychodermatology refers to the interaction between mind and skin. Psychiatry is the science of treating internal issues unseen by our eyes. At the same time, dermatology addresses treatments of external conditions we see and touch.

Did you know our skin is our largest organ? It's often at the mercy of our physical and mental wellness. Too many of us spend 80% of our time on 20% of our body. Our bodies express stress in many ways. Breakouts during exams or bacne from our teenage years of raging hormones? Yup, that’s me. Some of us may have eczema flare-ups due to work stress too.

Eyes are the windows to your soul; skin is the window to your health.

To achieve an optimal balance for our mind, body and soul, it's time we address body care through psychodermatology. And there’s no better way than treating yourself to a day at the spa.

Heading out to one of the many spas scattered across our sunny red dot sounds ideal. But some of us may not be comfortable being in closed spaces due to health reasons (e.g. COVID-19) or budgets. This doesn't mean we have to give up on personal care and self-care. 

The perfect solution is spa day at home! Our team at Beauty Closet is big fan of self-care routine coupled with quality products. We've got some home spa ideas and tips for you to help you create a relaxing home spa session in just 20 minutes. Engage all your senses for the ultimate experience with some home spa essentials listed here.

Me-time in no time!

  • Music for the soul

The right tunes are great for setting an atmosphere. You can't go wrong with genres like classical or ambient sounds (think flowing rivers and birds chirping in the background).

  • Low lights, soothing night

Now, let's choose the perfect lighting to match the music. Dimming the lights is the easiest option. If you can, light some scented candles for a heightened experience.

  • Good smells

If you're not big on candles, diffusers with essential oils are excellent in creating different moods and energies. Fragrances like lavender and rose are soothing, while citrus and herbal oils like lemongrass are great for energizing.

  • For the multi-taskers

After taking a shower to wash off our daily stresses, it's time to treat ourselves. If you're big on multi-masking, now is the time to pile on facial masks too. For optimal masking benefits, remove grime and dead skin with a gentle face scrub like LilaRoze’s Organic Rose Face Scrub.  

  • Soak up the good feels

Choose a stimulating product like scrubs to boost blood circulation and revitalize your skin. Natural extracts like orange blossom oil have added benefits like soothing nerves and reducing stretch marks.

We recommend LilaRoze as a home-spa friendly brand. Both its Orange Blossom Body Scrub and Organic Rose Body Scrub are absolutely divine! Made with sugar and olive stones, these exfoliants are effective yet gentle. Sugar is non-drying for your skin, while olive stones remove dirt and oils well.

  • Seal the deal

After washing off your masks and body scrubs, it’s time to seal more goodness into your skin. Slather on some nourishing body creams like LilaRoze’s Organic Orange Blossom Body Cream for the finishing touch. This luxurious cream, made with 97% natural ingredients, will be well-appreciated by your body!


Bask in your glow!

With these tips in hand, go forth and embark on your home spa journey with LilaRoze. With one handy home spa kit ready, you can always enjoy great me-time or couple time even during times of lockdown.

And, to maintain your newfound soft and nourished skin, aim to have your science-backed psychodermatology sessions twice a month.

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