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BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist
BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist
BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist
BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist
BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist
BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist
BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist
BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist
BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist
BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist

Woman Essentials

BRUME DEO & SOIN - Fresh Intimate & Body Mist



Moisturises, smoothens skin and deodorises. Specially formulated for very sensitive or shaved skin.  Respects the balance of intimate flora, while effectively fighting odour.

99% natural ingredients. Food-grade floral fragrance. No alcohol. Provides a long-lasting 24-hour feeling of freshness with light and fresh scent.

Botanical Deodorising Complex reduces odour-causing enzyme activity. Bio-Regenerating Orchid repairs tissue preventing premature ageing. Aloe Vera and Prebiotics heals, moisturise, maintain healthy intimate flora.

The care mist inhibits bacterial proliferation to prevent body and vagina odours, pad rash. Forms a protective barrier to avoid chafing from underwear. Soothes irritations after hair removal. Pregnancy safe.

Tested by gynecologists, approved by women.

24-hour Deodorising care mist

 A 2-in-1 deodorising mist for intimate mucous membranes and body. Reduces body & vagina odour without disturbing intimate flora balance. A daily hygiene essential.

99% natural formula. Protects, Smoothes, Moisturises

No aluminium salts or paraben. 99% natural ingredients including Bio-Regenerative Orchid, deodorising vegetal complex, healing Aloe Vera and intimate flora friendly prebiotics.

Proven 24-hour anti-odour effectiveness

Instead of covering up odours with a strong fragrance, the Botanical Deodorising Complex help prevents body and vaginal odours with decrease in lipase activity. While Prebiotics regulate skin's microflora. Food grade subtle floral fragrance leaves the skin with a discreet scent of freshness.

Sustainable, Compact Packaging

Innovative 96% biobased plastic bottle produced from sugarcane (a renewable raw material). 35ml compact handy bottle slips easily into any handbag.

✔️99% natural ingredients ✔️Plant-based deodorant formula ✔️Aluminium salts free ✔️Paraben free ✔️Hypoallergenic ✔️ Not tested on animals ✔️Dermatologically tested

How to Use

Routine Time


See Results In

1. Cleanse with pH 5,5 Bain de Soie or Bain Blanc for hydrating freshness.
2. Mist (1-2 pumps) onto cleansed, dry skin (vulva, underarm). Reapply when necessary, throughout the day.
Suitable for sensitive or shaved skin (especially intimate bikini area and underarm).
3. For optimal comfort of smooth silky finish, spread evenly over the entire area.

【External use only. Do not spray into eyes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.】

Why we like it

Eliminates the need for multiple deodorant with this ultra-gentle,
dermatologically tested formula that can be safely used on any part of the body. Pregnancy safe.
Handy compact packaging gives ease of portability to use anytime, anywhere.

About Woman Essentials


Women Essentials is a French cosmetic gynecology brand designed to accompany women through every stage of their lives, with essentials for hygiene, health, and pleasure — treating intimate beauty as the art of "cultivating her secret garden".

Products are specifically developed for sensitive skin, mucous membranes and areas with body hair in accordance to ultra strict clinical protocols that go beyond the European Regulations of cosmetics and medical devices.

Products are clinically tested by gynecologists and dermatologists.
Paraben, soap and colorant FREE.

100% Made in France


Woman Essentials

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